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Kerryn Lyes is a content specialist with a creative skillset that spans digital, print and emerging media. In 2018, she founded Cult Hero Content to support entrepreneurs in communicating their offering to others and, ultimately, help more people engage in meaningful work.

Too many times, digital content is approached as a means to an end. The thought process goes something like this; “I want to achieve *insert business goal*, so I’ll write this blog article that confirms why I’m the best and everyone should use my services.” Boring! Would you make friends with someone who spoke to you like that? I probably wouldn’t.

Let’s flip the script

It’s time to approach your business blog as something that provides intrinsic value to your existing and prospective customers, rather than just a platform to push your own agenda. If you provide value and make it easy to buy from you, the sales will come.

The SEO-godfathers at Moz have really embodied this approach. Look at how much effort, research, and resource they have poured into the Moz blog over the years. Even if you use one of their competitor’s products, there’s still so much useful information that’s relevant to SEO’s all across the globe. The Moz blog is a valuable product in its own right, and it does more than just promote Moz’s paid offering.

For a better blog, play the long game

Successful content marketing requires a long-term commitment. It’s about consistency, clear intention, and reiteration. Don’t be afraid to rework old content if it’s not delivering value to your customers. Instead of set-and-forget, try out new headlines, switch out the image, or reformat a long-form article as a list, online tool, or how-to.

What will your audience learn or gain from your content?

Try not to stress about finding the perfect topic, just get started and think about your audience. What problem does your article solve? Is it interesting, remarkable, controversial, or hilarious? Remember, entertainment is a perfectly viable form of value. If it’s relevant to your product and audience and you can make people laugh, smile, cry, or send a tingle down their spine – go for it!

Approach your blog as a means within itself

Check out the related searches on Google. Look at your sent emails on your business account. What questions have your customers been asking about your product or service? Answer these questions without reservation.

Be generous. Give your customers as much value as you possibly can. Every time you talk to them. Go forth, and write better blogs!

Kerryn Lyes

Kerryn Lyes is a content specialist with a creative skillset that spans digital, print and emerging media. In 2018, she founded Cult Hero Content to support entrepreneurs in communicating their offering to others and, ultimately, help more people engage in meaningful work.


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